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She looked just as frazzled as he did, too, perhaps because—like with every Tony Stark idea—things had quickly gotten out of hand."I'm sorry, Phil," she said once Stark had disappeared to greet whichever millionaire had come in after him.

"It really was supposed to just be the Avengers and a few others.

Offering time, services, and donation dollars toward a kindhearted cause during this crazy, gift-swapping bonanza doubles as an excellent way to truly participate in holiday tradition without furrowing any brain cells worrying about what to wrap.

A lasting relationship fosters strength through shared experiences.

Even though he knew it was tempting fate, Phil couldn't help but think that maybe the party wouldn't be so bad after all.**** Three hours later, the party was surprisingly not on the brink of catastrophe.As if summoned by the thought, the Avengers—at least those inclined—suddenly made themselves visible.Banner was conspicuously absent (not that Phil was surprised) but the rest were festively dressed, Clint and Natasha a tentatively matching pair while Thor had seemingly taken to the more mythical elements with vigor.This was not to say that he hadn't seen Steve—it was hard to miss his tall form, especially in clothes that looked more like Stark's taste than his—but it had taken only a few minutes for Phil to realize seeing was all he'd be doing. He wasn't a party type at the best of times, and he was more than content to sit by himself on the fringes of the crowd, drinking eggnog and eyeing the perimeter suspiciously. Around the fifth time someone blatantly hit on Steve, Phil was starting to revise his opinion on the matter.If Phil'd planned to get closer than ten feet to the man, he had stiff competition in the form of an ever-adoring crowd, and, short of shooting someone or a sudden international incident that needed immediate Avengers attention, that wasn't likely to change. Phil had a full view of the spectacle from across the room, situated as he was out of the crowd and with his eyes automatically finding Steve's red shirt even when he was trying to look elsewhere.


The determination to find “The Perfect Present” certainly affects many whose holidays are deeply rooted in the tradition of gift-giving.