Dating antique cookie cutters

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Dating antique cookie cutters

Perfectly baked pastries and breads are easy to achieve with our professional quality bakeware. Every cookie cutter is made using certified metal from United States Steel Corp.

All pieces are chef-approved for guaranteed results. The American Cookie Cutter Company and Ann Clark Ltd has become the largest manufacturer of cookie cutters in the United States with over 37 years of manufacturing experience.

, a website developed by club member Rosemary Henry, has lots of information on cookie cutters and cookie history.

There are sections for Whats New, Antiques, History and Information and a number of other areas as well as a continually growing database of cookie cutters.

All monetary donations are welcome and checks should be made out to: National Cookie Cutter Historical Museum and sent to: Lee Stephenson National Cookie Historical Museum1217 Zimmer Place Williamston, MI 48895 Two books which were written by our founder An Encyclopedia of Cookie Shaping and Cookie Cutters and Cookie Molds are no longer published.

They can often be found on the secondary market at old book stores, antique shops, and flea markets.

The national CCCC conventions are held every two years at a location determined by the regional group of the current club President. Note that the webmaster (email address at bottom of page), has nothing to do with site selection. You may join anytime during the year, but our year runs Jan. 31st and you will receive all the newsletters and cutter for the year that you join in. (there are two copies, keep one and mail one with your check).

Subscription cost is per year and starts with the January issue.

We are very fortunate to have such an honest membership that we are able to leave cutters for sale in a self-serve type of atmosphere. They work in many metals, tinplate, copper, and stainless steel (and wood). The following day (Saturday Oct 2nd, there was a meeting of the Heart of America Cookie Cutter Collectors in Pittsburg, KS. Location: The museum is located inside the Joplin Museum Complex in Shifferdecker Park.. Click here to see some photos I took at the museum dedication.

For a very complete description of the Museum Dedication, the history of the museum, and the contents of the museum, see the Big Rivers Newsletter, October 2004 issue.

The newsletter is 12 pages printed in color on shiny paper ( you will enjoy the new look!

) This is a non-profit newsletter for the enjoyment of collectors.

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prairie dogs, fishing, baking pans, how to make cookie cutters (everyone got to make their own), glutin-free baking, how to do origami (we made our own), a few "scramble" sessions, and of course, show & tell. After that, the raffle, and the next day, the drive home to rest up. Thursday - Tea Party (President, Edith Klingler is thinking, "dress up and wear your prettiest hat" [optional]) Friday - Garden Party (pretty hats again - optional) Saturday - Banquet and raffle For photos and videos of the 2012 or 2014 convention, see . You will receive the official quarterly newsletter Cookie Crumbs and a collectable signed, dated cookie cutter. Club officers (effective June, 2012) are: President: Lynn Block Maguire of Carnegie, PA Past President: Edith Klingler of New Bremen, OH President Elect: Arlene Lipman of Denver, CO Vice President: Chris Birdsell of Stanberry MO Secretary-Treasurer Suzanne Tucker of Lexington, KY Newsletter Editor: Kate Schneider, of Pittsburgh, PA Membership List: Vicki Gensini of Mc Nabb, IL (please send all address corrections to Vicki) National CC Museum: Lee Stephenson of Williamston, MI National CC Museum: Kay Johnson, Curator, of Monet, MO Caring & Sharing/Sunshine: Darlene Farrell of Pittsburgh, PA Club Historian: Nancy Schueler of Williamsville, NY "CCCC" as we are known among the membership, was founded in 1972 in Washington, D. SUBMISSIONS: Members are encouraged to send in any cookie-related information they find in catalogs, magazines, newspapers, on the internet, etc...

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