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Become dating relationship coach

The Real Sex in the City 2002 Sky Broadcasting in thirteen countries. After years of dating without becoming someone’s exclusive girlfriend, pining over a man I couldn’t have (at least not full-time), starring in a reality show, co-hosting a talk show, and writing a magazine column, New York City started to call me “the real-life Carrie Bradshaw.” I finally learned how to enjoy being alone; and then I met a wonderful man.

In 2006, I enrolled at New York University to officially become a life coach.

I was thrilled to be in the heart of America’s biggest singles scene!

In the dressing rooms of my modeling and acting bookings, I saw and heard a lot of dating tales and disasters. When you’re in love (or think you are), you don’t want to listen to anything negative. I made it through my twenties thinking I was doing okay.

This pro will talk about topics ranging from interpersonal skills, the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, romance, flirting, etc., and discuss strategies to change and reshape your life.

”, romance novels and my mom's old movies helped me become a hopeless romantic…I was utterly fascinated with dating and relationships.

At age eighteen, my modeling agency got me an apartment in New York City.

They will also help you identify patterns and behaviors that many be negatively affecting your relationships and dating potential.

What Issues Can A Dating Or Relationship Coach Help Me With?

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I was left wondering why he didn’t want me anymore, and for the first time, I started to think, What’s wrong with me? Not just to suit any guy; negative behavior was affecting my life. I then had an epiphany: If I was ever going to have a healthy relationship, I needed to learn exactly what one was.