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Dating in the dark sarah harding watch online

He explains: ‘I don’t think her mentality is very strong – one minute she’s on her way to a breakdown and the next minute she’s on Big Brother.’It wasn’t long before Sarah’s underlying stress reared its ugly head in the house and Jethro admits he doesn’t think his friend handles alcohol very well.

He says: ‘I think when she gets down and depressed she drinks and does silly things.

I’ve witnessed it myself.’ And while he refuses to reveal what makes Sarah drink, he says cryptically: ‘I think it’s pretty obvious.’The last few years have been tough for Sarah – not only was she forced to pull out of the The Jump, the previous year her character was axed from Coronation Street.

At around the same time her Buckinghamshire house was put on the market for £1.2m but failed to sell.

Forget speed-dating or internet-dating Dating In The Dark is back, putting a new spin on blind-dating.

We all think we know what we’re looking for in a partner: Tall, dark and handsome…

‘I’ve been a very f**king private person,’ she said.

‘I don’t want to publicise anything.’ It was a bit late for that – but Jethro has a simple explanation for why Sarah went on the show…It’s these financial worries that Jethro believes contributed to her pre-CBB breakdown.

Jethro praised Sarah and said: ‘She’s brilliant, a great night out’ but added that while Sarah is entertaining to be around: ‘She picks fights and is a bit unstable at times and you have to deal with a lot of shit.Her rep said at the time: "She's been really pushing herself over the past three weeks, rehearsing solidly for the show and making sure her performance is perfect.""Full respect to Sarah - she's come from a singing background, and she's had to learn everything we knew acting-wise in that short time."She was giving 100% in every rehearsal, which led to her getting run down just as we were opening."But the company's amazing - we all get on great, and we just pulled together.Kelly Hampson, the understudy, was brilliant too."Andy also said that the audiences have been very positive on the tour."It's fantastic, as you get different reactions in each place," he said."Jacqui Dubois, who plays Oda Mae Brown, me and her have some funny scenes, and if we get good laughs we milk those like there's no tomorrow! Some hosters may still display ads inside their players over which alluc has no control. We remember this by cookie, that means if you clear your cookies or don't keep cookies this setting might not persist.

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It’s kind of self-destruction – when things go well, she presses a button to ruin it all.

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